Announcing Verse Sentiment Analysis Engine

We would like to announce a new product! Verse Sentiment Analysis Engine 1.0.0 is now available on the AWS Marketplace.

Verse analyzes input text and determines the sentiment of the text. With Verse you can determine if the sentiment of text is positive, negative, violent, happy, or other emotion. Verse works by employing “sentiment definitions” that you create. Each sentiment definition allows Verse to analyze text for that sentiment. (Look for a walkthrough of a sample sentiment definition file in an upcoming post.)

Verse supports fuzzy-matching to work around misspelled words. You can integrate directly with Verse’s API with our Verse client SDKs on GitHub or you can create your own integration.

Verse is low-cost and pricing per EC2 instance is constant, meaning you pay the same for Verse no matter what size EC2 instance you choose to use. Try Verse out on a t2.small instance and move to a c4.xlarge instance without any increase in the Verse software fee.

Learn more about Verse on its product page or contact us to schedule a short demo of Verse’s capabilities or if you have any questions!

We are very interested in improving Verse through the next versions so if you can share with us how you use Verse and tell us about your experience using it that would be fantastic!

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