Idyl E3 Entity Extraction Engine

Idyl E3 extracts named-entities (people, places, and things) from natural language text via trained entity models. It was designed for use in secure environments behind firewalls and does not require any outside network access. Idyl E3 supports multiple languages and entity types, plugins, and can be used alongside applications like Apache NiFi. Idyl E3 is available in multiple editions with available managed services.

Idyl E3 can help power chat bots, question and answer systems, and link documents through entities. Idyl E3 can be thought of as a building block that provides named-entity extraction to a larger custom NLP system.

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Quick Start for Idyl E3 on Amazon Web Services
Idyl E3 is listed in the AWS Marketplace for the US intelligence community

Named-Entity Extraction

Idyl E3 extracts entities from natural language text via model-based algorithms defined by entity models. These entity models allow Idyl E3 to extract a virtually unlimited number of entities from text. You can create your own models or use our pre-trained models. Idyl E3 can identify persons, places, and other entity types such as buildings, bridges, and schools.


Central to Idyl E3 is its API. All entity extraction requests are processed by Idyl E3’s REST API. Through the API you can extract entities, sanitize text, annotate text, and monitor the status of Idyl E3. The API is easy to utilize using your programming language of choice but we do offer open source client SDKs for Java, .NET, and Go on GitHub. Here’s an example API request to extract entities from text:

curl http://idyl-e3:9000/api/extract -d "George Washington was president." -H "Content-Type: text/plain"

The response:



We also offer integration and development support in case you need development help. We love writing code!

Plugins and Integrations

Extend Idyl E3’s capabilities through plugins. With the plugins you can consume text from Kafka topics and Kinesis streams, parse text from binary files, and push extracted entities to a stream or database. See the available plugins.


Deploy multiple Idyl E3 instances behind a load balancer to scale horizontally and increase your throughput. Use our CloudFormation templates to deploy a load balanced, autoscaling Idyl E3 environment on AWS.