Idyl E3 Models

These models were created from sources of data such as news articles and public text. If your text is from a different domain these models may not provide high accuracy when used with text from other domains. In these scenarios generating your own models is recommended.


A license is not required to use these models when using Idyl E3 Analyst Edition. For all other editions please contact us to acquire a license.


Models can be downloaded below. If a model requires a password to download please contact us.

LanguageEntity TypeDownload
EnglishPersonIncluded with Idyl E3
EnglishPlace Download


  1. Download the desired model and extract the contents of the zip file.
  2. Copy the extracted .bin and .manifest files to Idyl E3’s models directory.
  3. Restart Idyl E3. Once Idyl E3 restarts the model file will be used for entity extraction requests.

Example commands:

sudo cp *.bin /opt/idyl-e3/models/
sudo cp *.manifest /opt/idyl-e3/models/
sudo service idyl-e3 restart