Idyl E3 Plugins

There is no single Idyl E3 configuration that works for all users so we let our users customize Idyl E3 through the use of plugins. We offer a large collection of plugins that allow for text consumption, entity and metrics publishing, document processing, and entity analysis.

Installing a Plugin

Included in each plugin’s download is a README file that describes how to install the plugin into Idyl E3. Always restart Idyl E3 after installing a new plugin. If a plugin requires a license key you can request a trial license key or purchase a license key. (Plugins do not require license keys when used in Idyl E3 Analyst Edition.)


PluginDescriptionPlugin TypeDownload
Kinesis Ingest PluginIngest text from a Kinesis stream.Ingest Download
Kafka Ingest PluginIngest text from a Kafka topic.Ingest Download
CloudWatch Metrics Publisher PluginPublishes entity extraction metrics to AWS CloudWatch.Metrics and Monitoring Download
EntityDB Entity Publisher PluginPublishes extracted entities to EntityDB.Entity Publishing Download
Apache Kafka Entity Publisher PluginPublishes extracted entities to Apache KafkaEntity Publishing Download
AWS Kinesis Firehose Entity Publisher PluginPublishes extracted entities to AWS Kinesis FirehoseEntity Publishing Download
Email Address Extraction PluginExtracts email addressesEntity Extraction Download
Google Cloud Natural Language API Extraction PluginExtracts entities via Google Cloud Natural Language APIEntity Extraction Download
Hashtags Extraction PluginExtracts hashtagsEntity Extraction Download
User Mentions Extraction PluginExtracts user mentionsEntity Extraction Download
Phone Numbers Extraction PluginExtracts phone numbersEntity Extraction Download
MetaText Entity Analysis PluginAnalyzes extracted entities using a MetaText servceEntity Analysis Download
LEXS Document Processing PluginProcesses text in LEXS narratives.Document Processing Download