Launching an Idyl E3 Docker Container

Docker containers for Idyl E3 Free Edition are available on Docker Hub.

The container is built from Ubuntu 16.04 and has Idyl E3 and SSH installed. Ports 22 (SSH) and 9000 (the Idyl E3 API) are open. The SSH user name is root and the password is idyl. SSH access into the container is necessary to train models and change configuration settings.

To pull the Idyl E3 image and start a container:

docker pull mtnfog/idyl-e3:3.0.0
docker run -p 9000:9000 -p 9022:22 -d --name idyl-e3 mtnfog/idyl-e3:3.0.0

Once the container starts you can access the Idyl E3 API at http://ip-address:9000/api. You can extract English persons entity with a request like:

curl http://idyl-e3:9000/api/extract -d "George Washington was president." -H "Content-Type: text/plain"

The response will be similar to:



You can keep using curl to submit entity extraction requests or you can use one of our client SDKs.