MetaText is a software interface that we have created to provide entity disambiguation and enrichment services. The MetaText interface can be applied to any existing data store containing entity data.

Our public MetaText service is a webservice that provides entity enrichment and disambiguation for person entities using publicly available data. Idyl E3 can use any MetaText-enabled data store to provide entity enrichment and disambiguation services.

Consuming MetaText

We have partnered with Mashape to enable easy consumption of MetaText. Visit Mashape to get a MetaText API key. Non-commercial users can make 10,000 API requests to MetaText per month for free.  Commercial users can request a custom plan.

MetaText’s Abilities

Person Entity Disambiguation

Given a person entity, MetaText will disambiguate the entity. Is it John Smith from Virginia or John Smith from Nevada? MetaText will determine based on the context of the text which person entity is being mentioned.

Person Entity Enrichment

Once an entity has been disambiguated it can be enriched. Entity enrichment is the process of providing additional information about an entity from various data sources. MetaText has a large data set that contains millions of facts about public person entities.

Non-Commercial Use

Our public MetaText service provides up to 10,000 free API requests per month for non-commercial users. Each API request over the free 10,000 limit is billed at $0.015 per request. Contact us for commercial plans.