New “My Mountain Fog”

We have launched our new "My Mountain Fog" section of our website.

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The Performance of Philter

In this post I want to dive down into the "performance" of Philter and how it impacts Philter's development.

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Philter’s Custom Dictionary Filter and “Fuzziness”

In this blog post we want to dive a little bit more into this to better explain how the "fuzziness" works and is applied and the trade-offs when using it.

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Preventing PII and PHI from Leaking into Application Logs

Using Philter to find and remove PII and PHI from application logs.

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Philter 1.6.0 Docker Containers

Philter 1.6.0 Docker containers are now available.

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How We Train Philter’s NLP Models

In this post I want to give some insight into how we create and train the NLP (natural language processing) models that Philter uses to identify entities like person's names in text.

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