Announcing the Idyl Extraction Engine on the AWS Marketplace

We are very excited to announce that Idyl Extraction Engine is now available through the AWS Marketplace. Now you can have person entity extraction capabilities inside your own cloud with no request limits, no contracts, zero initial investment, and the first 7 days are free.

The Idyl AMI for Person Entities is a turn-key person entity extraction solution. Through a simple webservice (REST) interface, Idyl AMI’s extraction capabilities can be integrated into your text processing systems and solutions.

Idyl AMI includes support for integrating with other AWS services:

  • DynamoDB integration allows for storing your extracted entities.
  • Automatically put your extracted entities onto an SQS queue for later processing.
  • Trigger SNS notifications when entities are extracted.
  • Submit extraction metrics to CloudWatch to monitor extraction times.

These integrations are all optional and can be used in combination with each other.

Launch the Idyl AMI for Person Entities in your cloud today from the AWS Marketplace.