Idyl E3’s entity store and EntityDB

Along with the ability to extract entities from text, Idyl E3’s entity store feature allows you to save the extracted entities to a database of your choice. Supported databases include a relational database like MySQL and the NoSQL databases MongoDB and DynamoDB. In addition to save the entities to a database you can also query the entities using a special language called Entity Query Language (EQL). EQL has a SQL-like syntax letting you select entities based on conditions in the query. Your EQL query is translated into a native query for your selected database. A single EQL query can be executed against MySQL, MongoDB, and DynamoDB.

The entity store feature of Idyl E3 is being separated from Idyl E3 into its own product called EntityDB. This separation will allow Idyl E3 to focus on entity extraction. Idyl E3 will integrate with EntityDB’s public API to still provide entity storage services.

EntityDB will continue to support the same databases as well as a new database – Apache Cassandra. Cassandra is ideally suited for storing entities and will allow for large-scale querying and analysis. The Cassandra-based entity store will support EQL queries but you will also have the ability to query it using other tools like SparkSQL.

Look for the first version of EntityDB to be available in the near future. We have a large roadmap for EntityDB and plan to add features incrementally over a series of releases.