NLP Flow Now Supports AllegroGraph

NLP Flow (in version 1.3.0) now supports AllegroGraph as an entity store. Supporting AllegroGraph makes NLP Flow more suitable for use in semantic web applications. Extracted entities can be sent to AllegroGraph where they can be queried via SPARQL or visualized by Gruff. And to make it even better, AllegroGraph’s free edition can easily be launched in Amazon Web Services’ EC2. A pipeline to extract entities from natural language text becomes even more capable and powerful when combined with a comprehensive backend like AllegroGraph.

Now for the technical details…

The AllegroGraph support in NLP Flow is made possible by two new processors available in NLP Flow 1.3.0. The first processor, ConvertEntityExtractionToNQuads, takes an entity extraction response from Idyl E3 Entity Extraction Engine and converts it to a list of N-quads (composed of subject, predicate, object, graph). These N-quads can then be sent to AllegroGraph via the AllegroGraphEntityStore processor.