Idyl E3 1.4 Now Available

Idyl E3 1.4 is now available on the AWS Marketplace. You can see the full Release Notes but here’s a summary of what’s new in 1.4.

If you have any questions please get in touch. Helpdesk tickets can now be created directly from our website and you can always reach us directly for more production information or general questions.

Idyl Cloud Integration

Idyl E3 1.4 is integrated with Idyl Cloud for entity disambiguation and enrichment. If enabled, all entities extracted by Idyl E3 will be sent to Idyl Cloud for disambiguation and enrichment. To enable this feature provide your Idyl Cloud API key in Idyl E3’s settings. Requests made to Idyl Cloud via Idyl E3 will be billed at the rate defined by your Idyl Cloud subscription plan.

Entity Store

New in 1.4 is the Entity Store feature. The Entity Store is a database that stores extracted entities and enrichments. When an entity extraction request is received, Idyl E3 extracts the entities and then persists the entities to the Entity Store. The Entity Store can be any JDBC database, such as MySQL, Oracle, or SQL Server.

API Changes

There is a new query API for performing queries against the entity store. With the query API you can find entities by text, context, and confidence. Since the Entity Store is an RDBMS you can always write more complex queries against it directly.

Two additional optional parameters have been added for the extraction API. The documentId parameter lets you categorize your text by documents. (So now documents can be categorized by context and by document ID.) The value of documentId can be any value that identifies your text.

The second new parameter is refTag. This parameter, also optional, lets you associate a value with the extraction request. This value can be anything and is only for your reference.


The Java SDK for Idyl E3 has been updated on GitHub to support Idyl E3 1.4. We will be updating the .NET SDK for Idyl E3 shortly.

Upgrading to 1.4

When running on AWS you can upgrade to 1.4 by replacing any existing Idyl E3 instances with instances running 1.4. Any existing clients for 1.3 will work for 1.4 but will not have the entity querying capabilities.

What’s coming?

We have some more exciting features lined up. Coming soon will be the ability to use DynamoDB as an Entity Store and improved settings management.