Idyl E3 2.3.0

We are announIdyl E3cing the availability of Idyl E3 2.3.0! This version has a long list of new features. You can see the full list in the Release Notes and we’ll summarize the changes below and they are covered in the documentation.

You can download the new version from our website and look for it to be available on cloud marketplaces in the upcoming week. We love adding new features and supporting our users’ needs. Feel free to let us know how we’re doing!

API Changes

  • There is a new option for API authentication. You can now use HMACSHA512 instead of plain authorization.
  • There is a new /sanitize endpoint that takes in text, identifies the entities in the text, and returns the text without the entities. This endpoint is useful for cases where you want to sanitize PII or PHI information from text.
  • A new sort parameter was added to the /extract endpoint to control how the extracted entities are sorted in the response.
  • Each API endpoint now responds with HTTP 405 Method Not Allowed when given a HEAD request. This change is to support smoother integration with Idyl E3 and Apache NiFi.
  • Version 1 of the API has been deprecated and will be removed in Idyl E3 2.4.0.

Entity Extraction

  • Can now create and use part-of-speech and lemmatization models to improve entity extraction performance.
  • Added new feature generators to help improve entity extraction performance.
  • We added a new plugin to complement Idyl E3’s entity extraction capabilities with Google Cloud Natural Language API.

In addition, there were some minor bug fixes and performance improvements. There is also the new Idyl E3 SDK for Go.