Idyl E3 is Now Free

Idyl E3
is now available for free. And to make it even better, Idyl E3 will soon also be available for Windows Azure, VMware ESXi, and as a standalone download. Idyl E3 will continue to be available through the AWS Marketplace. Deploy Idyl E3 to the platform of your choice.

And to make it even better, the entity models used by Idyl E3 for entity extraction are now configurable and additional models are available for download. Idyl E3 comes with a base model for extracting person entities that is fully functional. Models capable of extracting more entities with higher confidence are available.

We will still provide support for Idyl E3. Priority support is available as well as development and integration support to help you get Idyl E3 integrated into your systems.

We are very excited about the expanded availability of Idyl E3. If you need help getting started with Idyl E3 or have any questions please contact us.