Introducing Phinder

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As data lakes grow and become more commonplace the need for data awareness and governance also grows. In areas subject to data regulation such as healthcare, the management of protected health information (PHI) becomes a key concern. Today we are introducing Phinder (“find-er”) as a means of discovering, labeling, and reporting on PHI data in your Amazon S3 data lake and supported applications.

Phinder analyzes your Amazon S3 data lake to locate potential PHI in your data. When used regularly as your data lake grows, Phinder can help your organization maintain awareness over PHI and remain compliant with industry regulations. Phinder runs in your cloud to provide data safety and security. Its generated reports provide a view of PHI in your data lake.

Phinder is currently in a private beta and we welcome your interest in joining the beta. Please just contact us to get started or fill out the form below. As we near a first release date we will make more details available. Until then we welcome your feedback and personal requirements for Phinder.

Phinder and its complementary sibling Philter were created to help organizations take control of PHI data and make that data valuable to them without introducing any additional burdens or difficulties. Managing an organization’s PHI certainly comes with enough difficulties!

Interested in the Phinder beta?

If you are interested in giving Phinder a test drive before it’s ready for prime time please let us know. We would love to discuss with you your expectations for a tool like Phinder as we finalize development of its features.