New! Philter Add-Ins for Microsoft Office

We are very excited to announce the new Philter Add-Ins for Microsoft Office! These add-ins bring Philter’s redaction capabilities directly into your Microsoft Word documents and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. With these add-ins you can redact or highlight PHI, PII, and other sensitive information in your documents and spreadsheets with a single click. The Philter Add-Ins for Microsoft Office provide a great leap forward in streamlining document redaction.

Download or learn more about the add-ins at

How do the add-ins work?

Both add-ins add a new content pane that makes Philter available in your document or spreadsheet. In the screenshot below you can see the Philter content pane in Microsoft Word. The user has clicked the Highlight button to highlight the sensitive information in the document. Clicking the Redact button would have redacted the sensitive information instead.

The Philter Add-In for Microsoft Word enables document redaction from directly inside your documents.


With the add-ins you can redact PHI and PII directly in your documents eliminating any second steps of sending your documents to Philter for redaction. This will help improve your document redaction processes and give you more control.

What are the licensing details?

The add-ins are free to download and use. An instance of Philter is required but can be shared among users. If you aren’t yet enjoying Philter’s redaction capabilities we can help you get started (or you can get started on your own in your preferred cloud in about 5 minutes).