Philter Enterprise Edition certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

We are happy to announce that Philter Enterprise Edition has achieved Red Hat Enterprise Linux software certification!

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Philter 1.3.0

Today I am happy to announce the availability of Philter 1.3.0! 

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Philter 1.2.0

We are happy to announce the release of Philter 1.2.0. This version brings new features to filter profiles along with some minor changes.

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Philter 1.1.0

We are happy to announce Philter 1.1.0! This version brings some features we think you will find very useful.

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Philter and Elasticsearch

Philter 1.1 will offer support for using Elasticsearch as the store for identified PII and PHI.

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Filter Profile JSON Schema

To help make creating and editing filter profiles a little bit easier, we have published the JSON schema.

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