Philter 1.10.1

Philter 1.10.1 adds new features for document and text redaction. Take control of the sensitive information in your text through powerful redaction and encryption capabilities.

Philter 1.10.1 will be available for deployment on the AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud marketplaces in the next few days. Contact us for Docker or on-premises deployments.

New User Interface

This version of Philter introduces a user interface for testing Philter’s configuration and managing filter profiles. The user interface can be accessed at https://philter:9090. By default, the user interface communicates with the Philter service over SSL and with your web browser over SSL. We are excited to introduce the user interface and we are excited to continue to develop it in future versions.

Two-Way SSL Enabled by Default

Philter cloud marketplace images now have two-way SSL enabled by default. This should reduce manual configuration steps often required to use Philter. See Philter’s User’s Guide for more information.

Post-Filters Can be Disabled

Philter’s post-filters can now be disabled. The post-filters are primarily intended for clean up by doing operations such as removing blank spaces and punctuation. In cases where you might want to leave those characters in identified sensitive information spans you can now individually disable the post-filters.

Phone Number Confidence Values Dynamic based on the Format

Each time a piece of sensitive information is identified in text Philter assigns it a confidence value. This value indicates Philter’s “confidence” that the identified text actually is sensitive information. For phone numbers, this confidence value is now dynamic based on the format of the phone number. For example, the phone number (123) 456-7890 would be given a higher confidence than 1234567890. While both are valid phone numbers, the first number is formatted as a phone number. This provides higher assurance that it is a phone number in the text and its confidence value will be higher than the second number’s confidence value.

Prometheus Metrics Enabled by Default

Prometheus metrics are now enabled by default. A common task among users was enabling the metrics after deployment. This change is to remove the need for that manual change. See Philter’s User Guide for more information on the Prometheus metrics.

Standardized Base Images on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Previously, Philter deployment images across cloud platforms used a different base operating system image on each cloud. AWS was Amazon Linux and Azure was CentOS. Philter 1.10.0 standardizes on a single base operating system image of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. This provides a consistent experience using Philter across multiple cloud platforms. Now, all Philter configuration files are in the same locations so regardless of where you deploy Philter the setup and use will be the same.