Philter 1.3.1

We are happy to announce the release of Philter 1.3.1!

Philter 1.3.1 release notes
Philter 1.3.1 documentation

This version of Philter makes some minor changes to filtering and adds support for MAC addresses and tax-payer identification numbers (TINs). Also new is the ability to encrypt sensitive information in the text using AES encryption using the CRYPTO_REPLACE filter strategy. Additionally, Azure and GCP images are now built on CentOS 8.

Other changes include the ability to use the context in a filter condition, the ability to provide a user-set document ID to Philter’s API, and the requirement of Java 11.

Philter Enterprise Edition 1.3.1 has been certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8. For enterprise customers, Philter’s containers are now built on Red Hat’s Universal Base Image to give best performance on Red Hat Enterprise Linux deployments.

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