Tuning the Confidence Threshold Parameter

When you start using Idyl you’ll see the confidence threshold parameter when extracting entities. In this post we want to shed some light on this parameter

When Idyl looks for entities it is not a binary “yes or no” operation. The Idyl engine will have more confidence that some words or phrases constitute entities and less confidence in others. With the confidence threshold parameter you can tell Idyl to not extract any entities if Idyl’s confidence level in the entity is less than the value you provide.

Valid values for the confidence threshold parameter range from 0 to 100. Keep in mind that entities rarely ever (if ever) achieve a 100% confidence level. Most will fall in the 60-90% range but it really depends on your text and can vary (described below). If you need Idyl to return entities with a lower confidence level you can just change the confidence threshold parameter in your API request. If you don’t specify a value for the confidence threshold parameter it will default to 0, meaning that all identified entities will be returned.

What confidence threshold value to use depends upon your data. If you start with a value of 60 and notice that some entities are not being detected try lowering the value. The Idyl Demo uses a value of 0 so you can use it to see Idyl’s confidence level for a sample of your input.

We hope this provides some insight into the purpose and function of the confidence threshold value. If you have any questions please comment or shoot an email to support@mtnfog.com.