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About Us

Mountain Fog provides products and consulting services around the intersections of cloud computing, big-data, and natural language processing (NLP). We specialize in bringing these areas together to solve challenges for today and tomorrow. Our flagship product Philter is a great example of how those three technologies can come together to make solutions to real problems.

If you are facing challenges in the areas of cloud computing, big-data, or NLP we would love to hear from you. We welcome you to connect with us on LinkedIn and to follow us on Twitter. For technical support contact information please visit our support resources.


We are currently hiring for the following positions. Email your resume to along with your resume and selected position for consideration.

  • Sr Software Engineer – Experience with a high-level programming language (e.g. Java, Python) and experience working with one or more of Apache Kafka, Apache Flink, Apache NiFi, Apache Pulsar, and Amazon Kinesis.
  • DevOps Engineer – Experience with a high-level programming language (e.g. Java, Python) and experience with AWS, build automation, and infrastructure as code.

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Partnerships and Affiliations

Microsoft Partner
Microsoft Partner
Google Cloud Partner
Google Cloud Partner
Red Hat Technology Partner
Red Hat Technology Partner
Weirton Area Chamber of Commerce
Weirton Area Chamber of Commerce

About our Founder

The founder of Mountain Fog is Jeff Zemerick.

Jeff founded Mountain Fog to help users navigate the intersections of cloud, big-data, and natural language processing. He believes those three areas constantly intersect across industries in new and exciting ways. Jeff is at heart a software engineer, holds multiple Amazon Web Services certifications, an elected member of the Apache Software Foundation, and current chair of the Apache OpenNLP project.

Connect with Jeff on LinkedIn. | Follow Jeff on Twitter. | Email Jeff.

Conference Presentations

We like to attend and present our work at conferences to share our work with the community and to learn from the community. Our work is our passion and work done in a vacuum does not benefit anyone.


Our email newsletter is very low volume. We use it to primarily keep you up to date on new Philter versions and new NLP models for Philter. We may also include tips or examples on how to get the most out of Philter, and updates to the Philter SDKs and related open-source projects. We encourage users of Philter to subscribe.


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