Alerts API

The Alerts API provides endpoints for retrieving and deleting alerts. Alerts can optionally be generated when a filter strategy’s condition is met. See Alerts for more information on Philter alerts.

The curl example commands shown on this page are written assuming Philter has been enabled for SSL. If launched from a cloud marketplace, SSL will be enabled automatically with a self-signed SSL certificate. See the SSL/TLS settings for more information.

Get Alerts

GET http://philter:8080/api/alerts
This method retrieves all alerts that have been generated in response to a filter condition being met. There are no request parameters.
Parameters None
Responses 200 – The response is an array of alert objects. The date property of an alert will be formatted as yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm:ss.SSSS’Z’.
Example Request: curl -k https://localhost:8080/api/alerts

Delete an Alert

DELETE http://philter:8080/api/alerts/{alertId}
This method deletes a single alert.
Parameters alertId – string – The ID of the alert to delete.
Responses 200 – There is no response body.
Example Request: curl -k -X DELETE https://localhost:8080/api/alerts/12345