These properties are required when using Philter streaming.

Option Description Allowed Values Default Value
kafka.topic.inbound The name of the incoming Kafka topic containing the PHI text. Any valid Kafka topic name phi
kafka.topic.outbound Any valid Kafka topic name The name of the outgoing Kafka topic for the filtered text. no-phi The group ID for the Kafka consumer. Any valid identifier A random UUID value.
kafka.brokers The Kafka brokers. Any valid Kafka broker endpoint(s) localhost:9092
streaming.response.format The format in which filtered text will be published to the Kafka topic. For a description of the JSON format see Filtering via Streaming. jsonplain json

Kafka Streaming SSL

Refer to the Apache Kafka documentation for more information on the following configuration settings.

Option Description Default Value The Kafka security protocol. No default value.
kafka.ssl.truststore.location The Kafka trust store. No default value.
kafka.ssl.truststore.password The Kafka trust store password. No default value.
kafka.ssl.keystore.location The Kafka key store. No default value.
kafka.ssl.keystore.password The Kafka key store password. No default value.
kafka.ssl.key.password The password of the private key in the key store file. No default value.
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