The Philter Profile Registry configuration options are as follows. These configuration options can be set in the file.

The Filter Profile Registry must be restarted for changes to take affect.

General Properties


Property Default Value Description
server.port 8080 The port on which Philter Profile Registry listens for API requests.

Filter Profile Storage

Property Default Value Description local The backend storage for the filter profiles. Valid values are local for the local file system and s3 for Amazon S3. ./profiles The directory, either absolute or relative to the Philter Profile Registry directory, containing the filter profiles. No default value The name of the S3 bucket. / The S3 object prefix. us-east-1 The Amazon S3 region.


The REST API can be configured to use an SSL listener. The Philter Profile Registry container will be preconfigured with a self-signed SSL certificate. It is recommended you replace this self-signed certificate with a valid certificate for your organization. When configured, the SSL listener will be available on the port defined by server.port.

Option Description Allowed Values Default Value
server.ssl.key-store-type The type of keystore. PKCS12 or JKS No default value.
server.ssl.key-store Full path to the keystore file. File path. No default value.
server.ssl.key-store-password The keystore’s password. A valid password. No default value.
server.ssl.key-alias The certificate alias in the keystore. A valid alias. No default value.
security.require-ssl Whether or not SSL is enabled. true or false false
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