Getting Started

The Philter Profile Registry can be deployed as described below.

Docker Container Deployment

The Philter Profile Registry can be run as a Docker container from DockerHub.

docker pull mtnfog/philter-profile-registry
docker run --name fpr -p 8080:8080 mtnfog/philter-profile-registry

Quick Usage Reference

  • List filter profiles: curl -k -s https://localhost:8080/api/profiles
  • Upload a filter profile: curl -k https://localhost:8080/api/profiles -d @profile.json -H "Content-Type: application/json"
  • Get a filter profile by name: curl -k -s https://localhost:8080/api/profiles/{profilename}
  • Delete a filter profile: curl -k -s -X DELETE https://localhost:8080/api/profiles/{profilename}
  • Get status: curl -k -s https://localhost:8080/api/status
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