Sample Filter Profiles

This page lists various sample filter profiles. Use these filter profiles either as-is or as starting points for customizing them to meet your needs.

To use a filter profile, download the filter profile to Philter’s profiles directory, which is /opt/philter/profiles by default. Now, restart Philter:

sudo systemctl restart philter

The new filter profile will now be available for use when submitting filter API requests to Philter. (Specify the filter profile’s name in the request. See the API for examples.)

These filter profiles are just examples and not an exhaustive list of all the sensitive information Philter can identify. Items from each of these filter profiles can be combined to make filter profiles to meet your use-cases.

Email Addresses and Phone Numbers

This filter profile finds email addresses and phone numbers and redacts them with {{{REDACTED-email-address}}} and {{{REDACTED-phone-number}}}, respectively.


Persons Names and SSNs

This filter profile finds persons names and SSNs and redacts them with {{{REDACTED-entity}}} and {{{REDACTED-ssn}}}, respectively.


Dates, URLs, and VINs

This filter profile finds dates, URLs, and VINs. Dates and URLs are redacted with {{{REDACTED-date}}} and {{{REDACTED-url}}}, respectively. Each VIN number are replaced by a randomly generated VIN number.


IP Addresses

This filter profile finds IP addresses and replaces each identified IP address with the static text IP_ADDRESS as long as the IP address is not (A condition on the filter strategy sets the IP address requirement.)


Zip Codes

This filter profile finds ZIP codes starting with 90 and truncates the zip code to just the first two digits.


Globally Ignored Terms

This filter profile has a list of globally ignored terms.


Generating Alerts

This filter profile generates an alert when a matching email address is identified.