Philter 1.8.0

PhilterPhilter 1.8.0 has been released.

This version brings:

  • The ability to capture timing metrics for each of the filter types. Capturing these metrics will provide insights into the performance of the filters.
  • The ability to specify terms to ignore in files for each filter type. Previously, lists of ignored terms had to be specified in the filter profile. Being able to specify the terms to ignore in files outside the filter profile allow for cleaner and easier to manage filter profiles.
  • A single Docker container. Prior to 1.8.0, Philter was composed of two Docker containers that had to be deployed together. Philter 1.8.0 now consists of only a single Docker container. This should help remove some of the complexity around deploying Philter in a containerized environment. We have also migrated Philter’s Docker images from DockerHub to our own Docker registry. Learn more about the Philter containers.

Philter 1.8.0 is now available for deployment from the cloud marketplaces and as a Docker container.

Launch Philter in your cloud. See Philter’s full Release Notes.