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EntityDBIdyl E3
Store, search, and analyze entities.Entity extraction in your private cloud.
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Open Source Products

Anthology GitHubRoutes Idyl E3 entity extraction requests based on the entity type.ASL-2.0
AWS Metadata Simulator GitHubSimulator for AWS EC2 Instance Metadata ServiceASL-2.0
Cloud NLP GitHubJava client SDK for accessing the Cloud NLP webservices.ASL-2.0
EDD Licensing Java Client GitHubJava client for the EDD Licensing API.ASL-2.0
EntityDB GitHubStore and analyze entities (persons, places, and things).AGPL-3.0
EntityDB Java Client Driver GitHubAccess EntityDB from Java.ASL-2.0
Entity Model GitHubCommon classes for NLP entity projects.ASL-2.0Javadocs
EQL GitHubThe Entity Query Language.ASL-2.0Javadocs
Idyl E3 Kafka Connector GitHubKafka Connector for Idyl E3ASL-2.0
EQL NiFi Processor GitHubEQL Apache NiFi processor.ASL-2.0
Idyl E3 Go Client SDK GitHubIdyl E3 client SDK for GoASL-2.0
Idyl E3 .NET Client SDK GitHubIdyl E3 client SDK for .NET.ASL-2.0
Idyl E3 Java Client SDK GitHubIdyl E3 client SDK for Java.ASL-2.0Javadocs
Idyl E3 NiFi Processor GitHubApache NiFi processor for Idyl E3.ASL-2.0
Idyl E3 NiFi Sample Templates GitHubSample templates for Apache NiFi using Idyl E3.ASL-2.0
Idyl E3 UIMA Annotator GitHubUIMA annotator using Idyl E3ASL-2.0
Idyl Talk GitHubNLP for software interfaces.AGPL-3.0