Elucid Language Translation Engine

 Elucid is free for personal, non-commercial, and commercial use.

Elucid Language Translation Engine is capable of translating natural language text to other languages. Elucid is built on Apache Joshua, a statistical machine translation decoder for phrase-based, hierarchical, and syntax-based machine translation service. Elucid makes this capability available as a stateless and scalable webservice.

Elucid is one of our NLP Building Blocks.

All interaction with Elucid is done through its REST API. You can use our client SDKs or another application such as curl. Elucid is designed to be small, efficient, stateless, and easily deployed as part of an NLP pipeline.

Elucid uses the standard Apache Joshua language packs that provide a variety of translations.


Renku’s REST API accepts text and returns the detected languages and probabilities.

Get Elucid Language Translation Engine

Get Elucid Translation Engine.