Filter Profile Registry

Filter Profile Registry provides a centralized service for managing filter profiles for use by Philter. Filter profiles allow for configuring how sensitive information is removed or replaced in text.


How Philter identifies and replaces sensitive protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII) is defined by filter profiles. The Filter Profile Registry provides a centralized service for storing and managing filter profiles. Through its REST API, filter profiles can be listed, added, retrieved, and deleted. See the Filter Profile Registry API for more information.

Getting Started

Filter Profile Registry will soon be available for download and as a Docker container.


Download Filter Profile Registry

After downloading, unzip the download and execute the script. Refer to the API and sample scripts for interacting with Filter Profile Registry in the User’s Guide.

Docker Container

View on DockerHub or pull and run using the commands below.

docker pull mtnfog/filter-profile-registry
docker run mtnfog/filter-profile-registry -p 8080:8080