Idyl E3 on Docker

Docker containers for Idyl E3 are available on Docker Hub. The Idyl E3 containers are the same as the Idyl E3 distributions on the AWS Marketplace and other channels.

Docker Hub

Idyl E3 is available on Docker Hub.

The container is built from Ubuntu 14.04 and has Idyl E3 and SSH installed. Ports 22 (SSH) and 9000 (the Idyl E3 dashboard) are open. The SSH user name is root and the password is idyl. SSH access into the container is only necessary to include additional entity models. All other configuration can be performed through the Idyl E3 dashboard.

docker pull mtnfog/idyl-e3:1.7.1
docker run -p 9000:9000 -p 9022:22 -d --name idyl-e3 mtnfog/idyl-e3:1.7.1

Once the container starts you can access the Idyl E3 dashboard at http://your-ip:9000.