Idyl Talk

We announced Idyl Talk as a new open source project. Idyl Talk strives to replace internet-of-things (IoT) device-to-device communication defined by interfaces with natural language text. See Idyl Talk on GitHub.

Idyl Talk is deployable as a REST webservice and to AWS Lambda.

Natural Language Software Interfaces

When software communicates with other software, either internally or with external software, the communication is defined by interfaces. These interfaces tell each side how to communicate and they are an essential piece of good design. But what happens when two components have to communicate, and for whatever reasons, it is difficult (or impossible) to define the interface? An example situation would be when devices are created to communicate with devices that don’t yet exist. Idyl Talk solves this problem by enabling software components to communicate using natural language English text.

Imagine your refrigerator talking to your smartphone app to update your shopping list. The communication would be structured and might look a bit like this:

    inventory: {
        "milk": "low",
        "eggs": 12

Your smartphone receives the message and an app parses the message and notifies you that you need milk. For this action to happen the developers of the refrigerator and the developers of the smartphone app have to have previously agreed on an interface that dictates the communication between the devices. This collaboration requires planning, coordination, time, and money.

Now, imagine that when you are running low on milk your refrigerator instead sends the following message to your smartphone app:

You are low on milk.

The agreed-to interface here is the English language. The app processes the received message and generates an alert that you are low on milk.

Getting Started

Get started with Idyl Talk by cloning it from GitHub.