Large-scale Entity Analysis Platform

LEAP, short for Large-scale Entity Analysis Platform, is our comprehensive platform for understanding natural language text. LEAP is capable of ingesting and processing text to produce previously unknown insights in your text. LEAP can be deployed as a cloud-native application to your own private cloud or as a hybrid solution with your on-premises hardware. Designed from the ground up for performance, scalability, and extensibility, LEAP truly encompasses the intersection of cloud, big-data, and natural language processing (NLP).

With the pervasiveness of big-data nearly every industry has large amounts of text in some form, whether it be transcripts, articles, logs, or some other form. Organizations in these industries are presented the challenge of designing and developing in-house solutions to gather information from this text. LEAP is the result of working with many companies facing this problem. We listened to their problems, worked with them to come up with solutions, and then combined those solutions into a platform we called LEAP.

How LEAP Works

LEAP works by analyzing the the text that it receives. Text can be submitted to LEAP in a virtually unlimited number of ways. When the text is received, LEAP processes the text by passing it through a series of pipelines. Each step in each of these pipelines performs a distinct action that allows a deeper analysis of the text. When complete, the results are persisted to one or more databases. LEAP is composed of a combination of established open source software and proprietary technologies.

Learn More

Get in touch with us to learn more about LEAP. We will be happy to walk you through its capabilities to determine if LEAP may be able to help you, and if not, learn what we can do to improve LEAP for more use-cases.


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