Idyl E3 on AWS Quick Start

After launching an instance of Idyl E3 through the AWS Marketplace (Free Edition or Analyst Edition), the EC2 instance containing Idyl E3 will start. After a couple of minutes Idyl E3’s API will be available at http://<Public_IP>:9000/api. Idyl E3 is now ready to receive and process entity extraction requests.

All editions of Idyl E3 include an English-persons entity model. This model is primarily intended for test and evaluation use. Let’s submit an entity extraction request to our Idyl E3 instance and analyze the result.

Entity Extraction Request

To submit an entity extraction request we are going to use cURL:

This request sends the text “George Washington was president” to Idyl E3 for entity extraction. (Be sure to replace <Public_IP> with the IP address of your Idyl E3 instance.)

Entity Extraction Response

Idyl E3 will process the request and return a response similar to the following:

The response has some key information. First, we see that Idyl E3 identified “George Washington” as a person entity having a confidence of 0.96. Confidence values range from 0 to 1 and indicates the probability of an actual entity.

Since we did not provide a language in our entity extraction request, Idyl E3 defaults to executing all entity models for all languages. The languageCode value of eng tells us that the “George Washington” entity was identified by a English-language entity model.

EC2 Security Groups

The AWS Marketplace launch wizard will create an EC2 security group that permits inbound connections on ports 9000 (the Idyl E3 API), 22 (SSH to the host EC2 instance), and 80 (for the Idyl E3 documentation).


When launching Idyl E3 via the AWS Marketplace you will have a fully functional instance of Idyl E3 in just a few minutes. When ready, Idyl E3’s API will be ready to process entity extraction requests. You can certainly use cURL to send all of your entity extraction requests to Idyl E3 but you may find our Idyl E3 client SDKs useful.