NLP Flow

NLP Flow is a cross-platform application based on Apache NiFi designed to provide natural language processing components in unified environment. NLP Flow complements the standard NiFi processors with several custom processors for performing NLP tasks.

With NLP Flow you can create pipelines to process unstructured natural language text. These pipelines can facilitate the ingest, processing, and remote publishing of text. For instance, text can be ingested from a file system, processed through entity extraction, and the resulting entities can be persisted to a database for analysis.

NLP Flow is a free application that can be used without restriction.

Download NLP Flow

NLP Flow - Full Download - ()
Includes a customized Apache NiFi with NLP Flow.

NLP Flow - Components Only - ()
Download this version if you have an existing Apache NiFi installation. Refer to the included instructions for installing NLP Flow into your Apache NiFi.


  • Built on the proven and trusted Apache NiFi data flow platform.
  • Provides custom processors for NLP tasks such as language detection and for interacting with our NLP Building Blocks.
  • Free download and free to use. Use of external services such as the NLP Building Blocks may require separate licensing.