NLP Flow

NLP Flow complements the standard Apache NiFi cross-platform data flow application with custom processors for interacting with our NLP Building Blocks.

With NLP Flow you can create pipelines to process unstructured natural language text. These pipelines can facilitate the ingest, processing, and remote publishing of text. For instance, text can be ingested from a file system, processed through entity extraction, and the resulting entities can be persisted to a database for analysis.

See an example NLP Flow pipeline

Download NLP Flow

NLP Flow requires Apache NiFi 1.6.0. To get started with NLP Flow, download the archive below and extract it in your Apache NiFi lib directory. Lastly, restart Apache NiFi. The NLP Flow processors will now be available for use in your Apache NiFi data flows. Apache NiFi 1.6.0 is required to use NLP Flow and it can be downloaded here.

Download NLP Flow

Highlights of NLP Flow

  • Built on the proven and trusted Apache NiFi data flow platform.
  • Provides custom processors for interacting with our NLP Building Blocks.
  • Free download and free to use. Use of external services such as the NLP Building Blocks may require separate licensing.

NLP Flow Apache NiFi Processors

NLP Flow contains processors for interacting with the NLP Building Blocks. With these processors you can create NLP pipelines.

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