What is NLP Flow?

NLP Flow is a set of natural language processing components built for usage on the Apache NiFi data flow platform. Through Apache NiFi, NLP Flow provides the ability to create NLP pipelines directly in your NiFi flows.

How do I get NLP Flow?

You can download NLP flow from the homepage.

What does it cost to use NLP Flow?

NLP Flow is free to download and use. Some external services utilized through NLP Flow may require licenses or usage charges.

What natural language processing capabilities are includes in NLP Flow?

NLP Flow includes the ability to perform various NLP tasks via the NLP Building Blocks. With NLP Flow you can create pipelines to perform:

  • Language detection.
  • Sentence extraction.
  • Sentence tokenization.
  • Named-entity extraction.

Can I get support for NLP Flow?

Currently, low priority email support is available by contacting Paid commercial support may be offered in the future.