Open Source

The following open source projects are available on GitHub. All pull requests and contributions are welcome. Our projects use a lot of open source and we want to give back to the community, and in the case of the client SDKs, make our products as easy to use as possible.

Connect with us on GitHub! A Contributor Agreement is required before we can merge your pull requests.

Anthology GitHubRoutes Idyl E3 entity extraction requests based on the entity type.ASL-2.0
AWS Metadata Simulator GitHubSimulator for AWS EC2 Instance Metadata ServiceASL-2.0
Entity Model GitHubCommon classes for NLP entity projects.ASL-2.0Javadocs
Idyl E3 Kafka Connector GitHubKafka Connector for Idyl E3ASL-2.0
Idyl E3 UIMA Annotator GitHubUIMA annotator using Idyl E3ASL-2.0
Idyl Talk GitHubNLP for software interfaces.AGPL-3.0