Philter FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Philter.

What is Philter?

Philter is an application that identifies and removes Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI) from text. Philter is designed to operate on text in motion through streaming or Philter’s API.

How does Philter work?

Philter analyzes text is receives for PII and PHI. As text is identified as PII or PHI, the text is replaced based on your filter configurations. Identifiers can be redacted (replaced by a constant value) or replaced (replaced by random but realistic values).

How does Philter work in a streaming environment?

Philter can consume streaming text from Apache Kafka, process the text, and publish the processed text back to Apache Kafka.

Can I manually submit text to Philter for processing?

Yes. Philter’s HTTP REST API accepts text to process and returns the processed text. Philter’s API allows it to be integrated into many types of systems and processes.