Philter goes beyond redaction. Take control of PII and PHI in text and documents.  


Philter redacts PII and PHI from text and documents.

Built on open source, Philter redacts PII and PHI from documents. Philter can help you maintain HIPAA compliance, meet industry regulations, and leverage your documents for valuable secondary purposes. Philter’s API allows for easy integration in your existing systems. Philter runs in your cloud. Your data never leaves your cloud and is not sent to any third-party.

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Launch Philter on Amazon Web Services via the AWS Marketplace Launch Philter on Microsoft Azure via the Azure Marketplace

Philter can…

  • Manipulate medical records to remove names and shift dates and ages.
  • Remove sensitive information from federal bankruptcy filing documents.
  • Remove client information from financial records.
  • Remove non-public personal information from insurance records.
  • Automatically redact over 30 types of sensitive information.

Philter can redact PII and PHI from financial, legal, and healthcare documents.

Redact your Microsoft Word documents and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with the Philter add-ins.