Philter redacts PHI and PII from text and documents.  

Launch Philter

Select your cloud provider to launch Philter in your cloud.

Launch Philter on Amazon Web Services via the AWS Marketplace Launch Philter on Microsoft Azure via the Azure Marketplace Launch Philter on Google Cloud via the Google Cloud Marketplace

Follow the Quick Start for step-by-step instructions for each cloud provider.

Next Steps

The Philter Quick Start demonstrates how to filter text with Philter using the command line.
Use our open source SDKs and CLI to integrate Philter in your applications.
The Philter Getting Started Notebook illustrates how to filter text with Philter using simple Python scripts.

Philter Cloud

Looking for a fully-managed Philter service for all your redaction needs without any of the stuff to manage? It’s coming! Contact us for early access.

HIPAA Hosting

You can also launch Philter in one of our trusted partners’ HIPAA-compliant platforms by contacting us.