Filter sensitive information from text

Philter finds, identifies, and removes sensitive information such as PHI and PII from natural language text. Use Philter as part of your comprehensive data loss prevention strategy.



Launch Philter®

If you have any questions launching Philter please reach out and we will be glad to assist.

Launch Philter on AWS, Azure, or GCP

Click on the link for your cloud below to launch Philter in your cloud and then complete the marketplace launch process. There is no charge for the Philter software during the trial period. After the trial period billing is handled through the cloud provider for a seamless transition.

Follow the Quick Start for step-by-step instructions for each cloud provider.

 Philter Version 
Launch Philter on AWS1.6.0
Launch Philter on Azure1.5.0
Launch Philter on Google Cloud1.6.0
Philter CloudFormation templates and Terraform scripts.

Launch Philter as Docker Containers

The Philter containers can be launched using the commands below.

curl -O
docker-compose up

Learn more about the Philter containers.

Next Steps

Congrats! Now that you have Philter up and running we have a couple guides to help you get started using Philter.

The Philter Quick Start demonstrates how to filter text with Philter using the command line.
The Philter Getting Started Notebook illustrates how to filter text with Philter using simple Python scripts.