Filter sensitive information from text

Philter finds, identifies, and removes sensitive information such as PHI and PII from natural language text. Use Philter as part of your comprehensive data loss prevention strategy.



Philter® Comparisons

There are software products available with features similar to Philter. We want you to find the best product to fit your needs so we have made a comparison of some of the products below. We want this list to be accurate so if there are any discrepancies due to product feature changes please let us know so we can update the comparisons.

In the sections below we will be comparing Philter with Presidio and Google Data Loss Prevention (DLP) API.

Filtering Capabilities

In the first table we look at the filtering capabilities. This includes features related to finding and removing sensitive information in text.

 PhilterPresidioGoogle DLP
Predefined filter types (types may differ)
Supports custom filter types (InfoTypes)
Supports predefined filter configurations "Filter profiles" "Templates" "Templates"
Redaction of sensitive values
Encryption of sensitive values
Hashing of sensitive values
Disambiguation of filter types
Can train own NLP model
Includes pre-trained models for different domains
Image OCR redaction (Currently beta)

APIs and Integrations

In the next table we compare the products’ APIs and how they integrate with 3rd-party applications.

 PhilterPresidioGoogle DLP
Apache Kafka
Apache NiFi
Apache Pulsar

SDKs and CLIs

In the next table we compare the products’ available SDKs and CLIs.

 PhilterPresidioGoogle DLP
Java SDK

Platforms and Availability

In the next table we compare the product availability on various platforms.

 PhilterPresidioGoogle DLP
Google Cloud Platform
CloudFormation templates
Terraform module

Licensing and Support

In the next table we compare the product support available and how the product is licensed.

 PhilterPresidioGoogle DLP
Support Available
License and Billing$0.79 / hour for unlimited data processedOpen SourcePer GB of data processed

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