Filter sensitive information from text

Philter finds, identifies, and removes sensitive information such as PHI and PII from natural language text. Use Philter as part of your comprehensive data loss prevention strategy.



Philter® Docker Containers

This page describes how to run Philter in Docker containers.

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Docker Compose

Philter can be launched using docker-compose. Download the docker-compose.yml file and then edit it to set your Philter license key for the value of the PHILTER_LICENSE_KEY environment variable. If you do not have a Philter license key you can request a license key at the bottom of this page.

Philter’s configuration properties can be set via environment variables. Here’s some examples.

curl -O
docker-compose up

The Philter containers will then start. You can execute a simple filter request:

curl -k https://localhost:8080/api/filter --data "George Washington was president and his ssn was 123-45-6789." -H "Content-type: text/plain"

Or, to get a detailed response use the explain endpoint:

curl -k https://localhost:8080/api/explain --data "George Washington was president and his ssn was 123-45-6789." -H "Content-type: text/plain"

Other example requests are available in the Philter User’s Guide Quick Start.

Request a Philter License Key

Running the Philter containers requires a license key. Submit the form below to request a free 30-day license key.