Filter sensitive information from text

Philter finds, identifies, and removes sensitive information, such as PII and PHI, from text.

Philter® Lenses

Sensitive information in text presents challenges across many industries. Doctors, healthcare providers, and their business associates have patient information in medical records, lawyers and legal assistants have confidential client information in legal filings, and financial advisors and tax preparers have clients’ sensitive financial information in documents and communications, among many others.

What are Philter Lenses?

Philter’s Lenses are like camera lenses. If you are taking a picture of the Eiffel Tower you are going to get the best picture with a wide lens. Likewise, if you are taking a picture of a flower you will get the best picture with a short lens. Philter’s Lenses work the same way. The healthcare lens is optimized for filtering medical text, the legal lens is optimized for legal text, and the financial lens is optimized for financial text. (There is also a general lens for text that does not fit into any specific category.) Using a lens that matches your type of text will provide improved filtering performance.

Philter Lenses are created using modern natural language processing techniques. They are constructed using large amounts of hand curated text from each of the individual industries. This text is used to train natural language processing models optimized for each of the corresponding industries.

Available Lenses

Philter includes the General Lens by default. Other lenses can be downloaded.

  • General Lens
  • COVID-19 Lens
  • Healthcare Lens
  • Legal Lens

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