Filter sensitive information from text

Philter finds, identifies, and removes sensitive information, such as PII and PHI, from text.

Philter® Managed Services

Our managed services are for users who want to utilize Philter’s capabilities of finding, identifying, and removing sensitive information text without the burden of managing the required infrastructure.

How it Works

We manage Philter’s deployment

Our Philter managed services are currently only available for users of AWS. We create a highly-available deployment of Philter in an AWS account we own. We then peer Philter’s VPC with your AWS application VPC.

Philter VPC Peering
We peer our Philter VPC with your application VPC.

Your applications in your VPC can then access Philter through local DNS names and IP addresses. We will work with you through the entire process to ensure that security is optimal and all AWS Well-Architected best practices are followed. Through conversations we will determine the best Philter architecture for your workload and budget. We can support any AWS region including AWS GovCloud.

We monitor Philter an perform required maintenance

We will be responsible for Philter’s availability, upgrades, and maintenance. We will monitor Philter’s performance to make sure you are not spending any more than necessary for your workload.

We will help you create filter profiles

We will assist you with creating filter profiles to identify and manipulates the types of sensitive information required by your workload.

Simple pricing

You pay a predictable flat rate each month. We are responsible for the underlying AWS resources.