Philter Studio

Philter Studio is a desktop application for Microsoft Windows that integrates with Philter to provide document filtering, document comparison, and filter profile management. Philter Studio is licensed alongside Philter.

Get a Bird’s Eye View of the PII and PHI in your Documents

Easily Process Files with Philter

With Philter Studio’s intuitive interface you can quickly and easily utilize Philter to find and remove PII and PHI from your files. Process files one at a time or queue up entire directories and process all files with a single click.

Explore the PII and PHI Values

Philter Studio allows you to take a deep look at how the PII and PHI values in your text were identified and removed. The Compare and Explain feature visually highlights the PII and PHI, describes the criteria for it being labeled as such, and shows the redacted version.

Flexible Licensing

Philter Studio licenses are included with Philter. Philter Standard Edition comes with 5 licenses for Philter Studio and Philter Enterprise Edition comes with 25 licenses for Philter Studio.

Easily Manage Filter Profiles

You can manage your filter profiles from entirely within Philter Studio. You can control the types of PII and PHI found by Philter and how the identified values will be manipulated.

Get Started with Philter Studio

To get started, click below to download Philter Studio. Once downloaded, run the setup to install Philter Studio. When running Philter Studio you will be prompted to enter the connection details for Philter. You will now be ready to use all features of Philter Studio!

Philter Studio Welcome