Does your text contain sensitive information?

That can be a hard question to answer. Phinder can help.


Phinder analyzes text for potentially sensitive information such as PII and PHI. Use Phinder to discover the boundaries of your sensitive information. Phinder is available on cloud marketplaces and as Docker containers.

Designed for streaming text

Phinder was made to determine if text contains potentially sensitive information. While applicable in many use-cases, Phinder is designed and optimized for processing streaming text through applications such as Apache Kafka.


Phinder features a simple HTTP API for analyzing text. The API allows for easily determining if text may contain sensitive information from any programming language.

Many types of sensitive information

Phinder analyzes text for many types of potentially sensitive information, such as dates, IP addresses, social security numbers, and more. Phinder’s natural language processing engine intelligently works to identify and disambiguate different types of sensitive information.

Quick start guide

The Phinder quick start guide will have you up and running and analyzing text in just a few minutes. Launch Phinder in the cloud or in Docker containers.