Phinder is currently in a private beta. Please contact us if you are interested in participating.

Phinder the contents of your data lake to discover protected health information (PHI). As your data lake grows in size it can be a challenge to be aware of all of its contents. It is crucial to be aware of data that contains protected health information so it can properly be secured and governed.

Capabilities of Phinder

  • Automatic analysis. Phinder automatically analyzes the contents of your data lake looking for PII and PHI.
  • Robust reporting. Phinder generates reports detailing the precise locations of items found to possibly contain PII and PHI along with recommendations for securing those files.

How Phinder Works

Phinder works by efficiently scanning your data lake for candidate files, such as plain text files, Microsoft Word documents, PDF files, and others. During analysis, Phinder maintains a report detailing the files suspected of containing PII and PHI. Phinder’s analysis can be performed on-demand or automatically as your data lake grows. Phinder runs entirely in your  own environment to ensure the safety and security of your data.

Phinder currently supports Amazon S3 data lakes.

Working in Conjunction with Philter

Phinder and Philter are complementary applications to manage protected health information. Philter identifies and removes PHI from text in motion, such as streaming text. Phinder analyzes your data lake to locate PHI in data at rest.