Does your text contain sensitive information?

That can be a hard question to answer. Phinder can help.

Phinder FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Phinder. For any questions not answered here please contact us.

What is Phinder?

Philter is an application that analyzes natural language text for potentially sensitive information such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI). Phinder accepts as input text and returns a response containing the findings.

Phinder sounds great. How do I deploy it?

Phiner can be deployed in your cloud with just a few clicks. Click here to get started.

How is Phinder licensed?

How Philter is licensed depends on how Philter is deployed:

Option 1) Deployed through a cloud provider’s marketplace

When Philter is deployed through the AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform marketplace, there may be a free trial period during which there is no charge for the Philter software. (There may still be charges by the cloud platform for the underlying cloud platform resources.)

Once the Philter trial period ends, billing will be handled by the cloud platform for a seamless transition. Please refer to each cloud marketplace for up to date prices and the length of the free trial period because the pricing may vary between cloud platforms.

The cloud platform may offer discounted annual subscription plans in addition to the standard monthly billing.

When Philter is deployed as Docker containers or on an on-premises VM a license key is required. Upon request we will provide a 30-day license key to allow for evaluation and testing. To continue use of Philter after 30 days a license must be purchased. License pricing is based on the expected average number of concurrent running instances of Philter over a 30 day period.

Option 2) Deployed as Docker containers

There is no charge to deploy Phinder as Docker containers.

How do I send text to Phinder for analysis?

There are a few ways.

Using the API directly

Philter’s HTTP-based API accepts text to process and returns the processed text. Philter’s API allows it to be integrated into many types of systems and processes. See the API in Philter’s User Guide for more information, but here’s an example to send a text file to Philter for processing:

curl -k -X POST "https://localhost:8080/api/analyze" -d @file.txt -H Content-Type "text/plain"

Using the Phinder CLI

You can also use the Philter CLI. This small application provides convenient access to Philter’s API.

Using open source SDKs

There are also open source Philter SDKs for Java, .NET, and Go.

What platforms are supported by Phinder?

Philter supports several platforms and which platform is used may be determined by your choice of cloud provider.

  • AWS Marketplace – Amazon Linux
  • Microsoft Azure Marketplace – CentOS
  • Google Cloud Marketplace – CentOS
  • On-premises – RHEL and CentOS
  • Docker Containers

See the Philter Availability for a full listing.

Do you offer managed Phinder services?

We do but currently only for AWS customers. Please see our Managed Services for more information.