Phirestream finds and removes sensitive information from Apache Kafka and Apache Pulsar streaming data.


Phirestream provides identification and removal of sensitive information, such as personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI), from streaming text. Available for either Apache Kafka or Apache Pulsar, Phirestream can help prevent sensitive information from entering your system through streaming text and data.

Phirestream is built upon our proven Philter software for finding, identifying, and removing sensitive information from text.

Uses of Phirestream

Use Phirestream when you have streaming text containing or potentially containing sensitive information. Phirestream integrates with Apache Kafka and Apache Pulsar to protect your data in motion.

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    Popular Streaming Applications

    Phirestream integrates with Apache Kafka and Apache Pulsar, the two most popular and most proven data streaming platforms available today.

    Control over data redaction

    Phirestream can redact, encrypt, or anonymize the sensitive information it finds. Phirestream can generate random names, phone numbers, and more.

    Many types of sensitive information

    Phirewall can look for many types of sensitive information and you have full control over the types, whether it is person’s names, phone numbers, driver’s license numbers, or more.

    Tailored for different domains

    We offer specialized models for working with healthcare and COVID-19 text. We are constantly improving our models to provide the best possible performance.