Phirewall is an integrated solution for preventing the ingress or egress of sensitive information from your web applications. Whether it is a Wordpress site or large corporate website, Phirewall can help prevent the disclosure and receiving of sensitive information. Phirewall is built upon our proven Philter software for finding, identifying, and removing sensitive information from text.

Phirewall can protect Wordpress websites.

Protect data sent and received

Phirewall can protect data sent, data received, or both. You can prevent sensitive information from getting into your network and block sensitive information from leaving.

Control over data redaction

Phirewall can redact, encrypt, or anonymize the sensitive information it finds. Phirewall can generate random names, phone numbers, and more.

Protect microservices

Phirewall can also be used in front of your microservices as a safeguard against the transmission of sensitive information between services.

Protect Wordpress websites

Phirewall can protect small and large Wordpress websites from accepting or exposing sensitive information.