idyl e3 entity extraction engine

Extract named entities from natural language text.
Deploy behind firewalls and create your own entity models.

Idyl E3 Entity Extraction Engine

Go beyond extracting just persons and places. Make custom entity models from your own data. Extract airports, stadiums, buildings, and more entity types.

Idyl E3 is available on the AWS Marketplace and DockerHub.

Compatible with Apache NiFi

Integrate entity extraction in your Apache NiFi dataflow pipeline. Send entities to a database for indexing and searching.

Idyl E3 Features

Some highlighted features of Idyl E3.

Custom Entity Models

Create custom entity models for any entity type from your own data or use our pre-made models.

Entity Models


Use Idyl E3's API to extract entities. Our open source client SDKs on GitHub make integration easy.

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Idyl E3 was designed for secure, sensitive environments and your text never leaves your network.

Idyl E3 Security


Idyl E3 can be launched in Amazon Web Services or downloaded for manual deployments.

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