Introducing Idyl E3

Idyl E3 Entity Extraction Engine analyzes text and extracts many types of entities. Run it behind a firewall in your cloud of choice.

Entity Extraction Engine

Go beyond person and place entities and extract airports, buildings, schools, and more from natural language text.

Process and Query Entities

Process extracted entities with Idyl E3's rules engine and query the entities with the Entity Query Language.

Launch Idyl E3

Launch Idyl E3 for free in Amazon Web Services now.

Idyl E3 Features

Just a few of the great features of Idyl E3.

Many Entity Types

Idyl E3 goes beyond person and place entities by being able to extract other types of entities such as buildings, cities, schools, and more.


Use Idyl E3's API to extract and query entities. Our open source client SDKs on GitHub make integration easy.

Flexible Licensing

Idyl E3 itself is free. Enjoy the flexibility of being able to choose the types of entities to extract. Choose from people, places, and things.


Idyl E3 is optimized for use on Amazon Web Services but it can also be used in Windows Azure, Docker containers, and VMware ESXi environments.