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Idyl E3 performs entity extraction from natural language text.
Works great with Apache NiFi!

Idyl E3 Entity Extraction Engine

Go beyond extracting just persons and places. Make custom entity models from your own data.

Idyl E3 is available on the AWS Marketplace and DockerHub.

Play Nice with Big-Data

Integrate entity extraction in your NiFi pipeline. Custom processors allow for executing Entity Query Language statements and extracting entities.

Launch Idyl E3

Launch Idyl E3 for free in Amazon Web Services now.

Idyl E3 Features

A selection of Idyl E3's great features.

Custom Entity Models

Idyl E3 goes beyond person and place entities. Create custom entity models from your own text for high performance entity extraction.


Use Idyl E3's API to extract and query entities. Our open source client SDKs on GitHub make integration easy.

Multiple Editions

Three great editions of Idyl E3 are available - Free, Standard, and Analyst.


Idyl E3 can be launched in Amazon Web Services or downloaded for manual deployments.

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