NLP Consulting Services

At Mountain Fog we provide consulting services to help our clients extract useful and actionable insights from their text.

NLP Building Blocks

Our open-source NLP Building Blocks are microservice applications to perform common NLP tasks. Use them to build your own NLP pipelines.

NLP Flow

Create powerful natural language processing pipelines to ingest and process text without writing any code. Free to use.

Recent Blog Posts

8 Nov
Quick List of Pretrained Word Vectors

In the past few years word vectors have become all the rage in NLP and rightly so. It’...

1 Jul
NLP Building Blocks with Apache NiFi 1.7.0

Update: Launch NLP Flow in Amazon Web Services!

Apache NiFi 1.7.0 was recently announ...

Introducing NLP Flow

Today we are introducing NLP Flow, a collection of processors for the popular Apache NiFi da...

13 May
Open Source NLP Microservices

We have open sourced our NLP building block applications on GitHub under the Apache license....

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