Filter sensitive information from text

Philter finds, identifies, and removes sensitive information, such as PHI and PII, from natural language text. Run it in the cloud or in containers.


Filtering Sensitive Information in an Apache NiFi Data Flow

Use Philter with Apache NiFi to remove sensitive information from text in your data flow. Philter can process the content of flowfiles to redact sensitive information without requiring any custom NiFi processors or custom configuration.

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New “My Mountain Fog”

We have launched our new "My Mountain Fog" section of our website.

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The Performance of Philter

In this post I want to dive down into the "performance" of Philter and how it impacts Philter's development.

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Philter’s Custom Dictionary Filter and “Fuzziness”

In this blog post we want to dive a little bit more into this to better explain how the "fuzziness" works and is applied and the trade-offs when using it.

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